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Feel the Force by no1cool
Feel the Force
I was never a big fan of the whole "May 4th is the OFFICIAL day for Star Wars" idea....should be the 25th....
But thanks to Episode7 I had to do something.....too lazy to make a video
So here ya go.....Lightsaber rave yaaaaayyy....
Zootopia Sketch by no1cool
Zootopia Sketch
It was only a matter of time
Not happy how Nicks face looks and I hate how my scanner works but I figured you guys might like it
Best movie of 2016 so far
And I wrote Try Everything.....but I looped Please Dont Stop The Music for over an hour when drawing this.....hmm
Lion Guard Reaction by no1cool
Lion Guard Reaction
Those that havent browsed my sketches here should know that Im a Lion King enthusiast
From the film to the sequels/Broadway/books/fan fictions/theorizes this franchise has left many defining marks that make me who I am

So first news Ive heard of a cartoon series continuing the "STORY" airing on Disney Junior had me fearing the worse
Thankfully every bit of news coming out about it eased my worries of it being a pointless Dora the Explore wannabe
Still I went into it with low expectations and knowing that its a childrens show and things WILL change from established canon
(Weather you except the 1st movie solely as canon or not...or do what most TLK fans do REJECT CANON and substitute your own)
How was The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar............I was smiling the whole time  {XD  Wished this came out in the 90s my younger self wouldve gone crazy for something like this
The animation was amazing
The character designs were fun
And the whole backstory of what the Lion Guard is...shoulda had a camera on me because I mustve looked brain dead
It deals with a retcon that I think some might see plot holes with but Im just glad we have an new refreshing idea as to why Scar became power hungry
And I hope it leads to additional stories or maybe flashbacks of Young Mufasa and Scar in the show
Asides from it being 1hour long were parts felt abit rushed and a shame Lebo wasnt involved with the music (At least I dont see any information stating he was)
Not much I can really say negative about it...FOR NOW >8C

Im really pleased with it and hope it will inspire/entertain younger generations that love the Lion King
If you like anything Lion King related I say give it a chance

....I could be expecting too much from this but CMON!!! A jealous lion wants to be king so he murder his brother and makes his nephew believe he was the reason for it!?...RATED G!
lawl....First Jurassic World....and now Lion Guard allow my inner child and my present self harmony....your move Force Awakens.....>BJ

I was at work and a costumer was looking for Lion Guard toys
We were out of them for a few weeks because we only had Blind bags/small plushies/and 3 hooks for action figures...very small stuff but hey they are selling
And the customer said "My son is going to a Lion Guard themed birthday party" and I gasped with excitement
So glad to hear kids today like it
Ponysona MLP card (Series 2) by no1cool
Ponysona MLP card (Series 2)
I finally got around to do a Series 2 card of my Ponysona
Again STILL gotta fix the mane style but I really wanted to have for my trip to Trotcon
.....oh yeah P.S. Im going to Trotcon this year


no1cool's Profile Picture
United States
Current Residence: Human Body
Favourite genre of music: Most Anything, Depends On My Mood
Favourite photographer: Umm......Todd Snap
Favourite style of art: Anything With A Pencil, Scribbles, Cross Hatch, German Expressionism (I'm Not Good With Colors)
Favourite cartoon character: Donald Fauntleroy Duck

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FlightSpriteFilms Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2016  Student General Artist
Sooooo! How's life?!
no1cool Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2016
Going by too fast
FlightSpriteFilms Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student General Artist
Well you know me, still trying to get some form of fame on the Internet! Exam season just finished for me. Con season has begun, yada-yada..trying to think of a new username for the last month...Lalbion? Lurloc? I've lost sleep over this, it's crazy! Hehe. (Usernames are normally never an issue for me so this is quite the experience!) But enough about me, you gotta give that life of yous a speeding ticket then! Can't get too lost in the cycle, next thing you know you'll be in a elderly home! Heh, still, this wouldn't be a comment from me if I didn't ask how that YouTube of yours is going. Got any plans?
no1cool Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Im the last person to question on naming things
Its difficult to say what Im doing with Youtubes/Freetime/PersonalLife
Im just an unfocused mess
Hoping Trotcon can fix it
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dudes107 Featured By Owner May 11, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Question: Could you make a couple tutorials and post them on your channel(how you made car decals part 2)(why: I'm hoping to make my own mlp irl videos and post them to google drive)(I don't have a youtube account yet :C)

LOVE YOUR VIDS BY THE WAY(Huge fan if you couldn't already tell)(okay I'll shut up now!!!)
no1cool Featured By Owner May 11, 2016
Thank you
As much as Id like to share there are plenty of youtube tutorials out there that can help better than me
dudes107 Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
okay then(the least you can do is link me to a tutorial on how to make mlp irl video with adobe flash)(no offense)
DericTaylor Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2016
I still don't get why you only have 15k subs. At this rate, you should've gotten 100,000 subs by now. How are you by the way?
no1cool Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2016
Thanks man
Maybe one day but Im fortunate with those that are subbed right now
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